A music-theater performance for all generations

A production within the framework of BTHVN2020

Concept: Frank Heuel, Tina Jücker, Annika Ley, Daniel Ott, Claus Overkamp
Composition and musical direction: Daniel Ott
Director: Frank Heuel, Tina Jücker, Claus Overkamp
Equipment: Annika Ley
Equipment assistance: Anne Brussels
Direction wind ensemble: Paul Hübner
Production Management: Jennifer Merten
Assistance: Lisa August
Finance: Ola Stankiewicz
Press and Public Relations: Claudia Grönemeyer, Christiane Müller-Rosen
Photography: Lilian Szokody
Video documentation: Sirpa Wilner
Organization behind the trees: Lutz Ackermann, Angelika Bachem, Marina Brunner, Jonathan van Heek, Kornelius van Heek, Roman Hoeffken, Agnes Nagy, Paula Veenema

Intergenerational Ensemble: Josi Beuting, Theo Beuting, Melina Delpho, Eugenia Fabrizi, David Fischer, Jochen Frank, Tobias Gubesch, Justine Hauer, Paule Hellmann, Carmen Hens, Wassa Hirsch, Julia Hoffstaedter, Jörg Hornbostel, Paul Hübner, Ruth Kasparek, Ulla Kuipers, Elisabeth Lagemann, Maria Lagemann, Andreas Limbach, Arnulf Marquardt-Kuron, Bettina Marugg, Andreas Meidinger, Mette Michels, Brigitte Nellinger, Sonja Nellinger, Arturo Portugal, Marlene Ringsdorf, Friedhelm Roth-Lange, Maria Alice Sacchetti, Katharina Schneider, Leonhard Spies, Liam Volck, Susanne Wagner, Matteo Wilhelm and hunting horn blowers of the Hegering Rheinbach under the direction of Hans Peter Passmann.

Special thanks to all volunteer supporters as well as to Heike Hückesfeld (Haus der Natur) and Sebastian Korintenberg (Stadtförster Bonn).

UA: August 21, 2020 / Bonn, Kottenforst.

Further performances: 22., 23., 28.-30.08.2020 / 11.-13., 18.-20.06.2021

A spectacle to be experienced in these strange times. (snout)

Just over a year ago, Theater Marabu and fringe ensemble moved into the forest with the music-theater performance “B free.” A safe place for all participants and spectators in times of Corona. That hasn’t changed – nor has the hunger for live theater experiences. Therefore, the production community is now pleased to once again invite you into the silence of the forest. You can expect a walk of almost 2 kilometers and about 90 minutes through the Kottenforst in Bonn. There you will experience visual as well as musical events that irritate, touch, ask existential questions and encourage ideas of freedom for a tomorrow.

It jingles and hums under trees, it splashes mysteriously in the water bucket, and before you know it you find yourself in the protest march of “system-relevant animals”. Surreal flair, humorous short stories and fantastic apparitions… Thus, the forest comes to life and theater becomes nature. (snout)

For this “B free” Frank Heuel (fringe ensemble), Tina Jücker and Claus Overkamp (both Theater Marabu) were able to win composer Daniel Ott. He is known, among other things, as the long-time director of the Munich Biennale as well as for his landscape-related works.

A production of Theater Marabu and fringe ensemble e.V. for the International Festival SOUND IN SPACE // Music | Theatre | Festival for all ages as part of BTHVN2020.