Gastspiel von Kaivalya Plays (IN)
in englischer Sprache

Direction, Performance: Varoon P. Anand
Design, Technical Production: Gaurav Singh Nijjer
Creative Technology Development: Denny George, Hasan Shahrukh
Object, Prop Development: Riddhijit Chattopadhyay
Devising and Development supported by: Denny George, Hasan Shahrukh, Alia Sinha
Supported by: MediaFutures “Artists for Media” Grant 2022


Fr 07. Juni 2024, 20 Uhr
Spielort: Hansa-Haus, Moltkestr. 41, 53173 Bonn

Tickets, 7,- €, gibt es bei BonnTicket
Eine Ticketreservierung ist auch möglich per E-Mail
Studierende der Uni Bonn zahlen an der Abendkasse nur 3,- €.

Die indische Kompanie Kaivalya Plays ist zurzeit in Bonn, um zusammen mit dem fringe ensemble ein Projekt für 2025 zu entwickeln. Mitgebracht haben sie ihre Produktion MINING HATE, die einmalig im Hansa-Haus in Bad-Godesberg, dem Probenzentrum des fringe ensemble, zu erleben ist.

MINING HATE is an improvised interactive performance built with audience-generated content that seeks to create awareness of the practices used by anonymous hackers to target journalists and minorities in India to spread disinformation. Interactive scenes demonstrate how anonymous hackers build, target, and persuade their intended victims whilst real-life stories of journalists are presented verbatim portion by the performers. The performance also demonstrates Generative AI, OSINT, and other manipulative technologies used to drive fake narratives in mainstream media.

Following the Improvised Interactive Theater, the team invites you to an audience discussion.

KAIVALYA PLAYS, a pioneering performing arts company based in New Delhi, is spearheaded by Artistic Director Varoon P. Anand and General Manager Gaurav Singh Nijjer. Since 2018, they’ve championed applied improvisation to create original works addressing mental health, performer safety, and technological advancements in the arts. Noteworthy projects include “Unravel,” advocating theater games for mental wellness, and ongoing workshops like HEADSPACE. Their Safety Research Study, funded by the India Foundation for the Arts, reflects their commitment to enhancing safety standards in the arts community. Additionally, they’ve developed web platforms fostering transparency in funding (India Arts Funding Forum) and democratizing arts education (India Arts Education Forum). Anand, a seasoned journalist and playwright, has garnered recognition for adaptations of classical Spanish plays and original works on social issues. Nijjer, a versatile theater-maker and technologist, explores innovative audience engagement methods through interactive performances. Together, they drive Kaivalya Plays to push artistic boundaries, promote community engagement, and advocate for performer well-being.