hybrid conference

Sat 08 October, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m
Tickets (35,- €, incl. catering) for the participation in the theater in the ballroom
Tickets (15,- €) for online participation

Conference participants who wish to attend one of the MAP TO UTOPIA-performances must book a ticket (6,- €) for this separately.

Under the title HYBRID PLAYGROUND _ SHARING SPACES we invite theater makers, professionals of different genres (authors, set designers, programmers, dramaturgs and scientists) and other interested parties to an exchange about hybrid theater formats.

The conference, which takes place hybrid, focuses on the exchange and dialogue between the different participants.

What new dramaturgies and forms of narration are developing through hybrid space and/or even interactive formats? What impact does this have on the writing of theater texts? With which technologies, via which platforms do we connect the analog and digital spaces? How do we deal with the different reception in these? What do stage spaces look like in hybrid theater? What new forms of collaboration are emerging between artistic and technical collaborators? How do the different publica come together? And what do all these developments and considerations mean in the production process?

Soon we will publish the exact schedule as well as the speakers, interlocutors and initiators on this page.