* 1972

supports himself and his family of 5 mainly from acting, directing and, in his function as a qualified psychologist, also from training for politicians and managers. He completed his kindergarten in Tokyo, was interned in a Swiss mountain monastery for 8 years and then lived in Austria for a while. Now he lives mostly in Cologne.

He has appeared as an actor in the following productions: Journey to Petushki, The Great Day, When I Was Dying, Conversation in Sicily, Kiosk Royal, Hotel E, Zur schönen Aussicht, Schall und Wahn, Klima CH-D, Fiction Impossible, Aufzeichnungen eines Psychopathen, Seide, Große Freiheit, Hotel Kairo and in performances as part of the Club der Utopisten.
He directed Records of a Psychopath, Stories +, Silk, We Unfinished, Club of Utopians and The Merchant of Venice.