Based on the novel by Jens-Martin Eriksen
World premiere

A gripping drama about the manipulability of man in war. “You can’t bring literary texts to the stage more sharply, more precisely than Frank Heuel,” the press said.

With: David Fischer, Manuel Klein, Harald Redmer
Director: Frank Heuel
Dramaturgy: Svenja Pauka
Room: Eduardo Seru
Costumes: Bettina Zumdick
Production Management: Jörg Tewes
Public Relations: Claudia Grönemeyer

Premiere in Münster: January 29, 2009 at the Theater im Pumpenhaus
Premiere in Bonn: February 26, 2009 at the Theater im Ballsaal

n a country somewhere in Europe: when a civil war breaks out, a young man is drafted into the militia. The commanders manipulate him and his comrades in such a way that they carry out their mission conscientiously. A nightmare begins.

The production stands for the fringe ensemble in the series of its stage adaptations of novels. Three actors present the story. It is the unsparing openness with which the experiences are recounted here that reveals the banality of evil and captivates the viewer.

Dane Jens-Martin Eriksen is the author of numerous novels and dramas. He is a laureate of the State Art Fund, the Adam Oehlenschläger Foundation and the Gyldendal Foundation.


You can’t say better of theater than that. […] You can’t bring literary texts to the stage more precisely than Heuel. […] The fringe ensemble has excellent voice directors. (Bonner Rundschau)

Rousing applause that did not want to end. (

Heuel’s idea to cast the role of the protagonist with the three actors Manuel Klein, David Fischer and Harald Redmer, who are rising in age, proves to be almost ingenious[…] Klein, Fischer, Redmer give the character a threatening, banal intensity.

(General-Anzeiger Bonn)

The play deliberately leaves empty spaces, leaves the viewer alone with questions of guilt, responsibility, norms. Don’t raise an index finger. That is its strength: Here, the viewer is responsible for judging. The author of the novel, Jens-Martin Eriksen, was enthusiastic about the realization of his novel. (Westphalian News)

It’s worth getting involved in this theatrical study of human manipulability. (

Münstersche Zeitung)

A production of Winter im Morgengrauen GbR/fringe ensemble/phoenix5. Sponsored by: City of Münster, Kunststiftung NRW, Minister President of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Federal City of Bonn.