A soccer theater project of the fringe ensemble for the Kulturrucksack 2016

With: Ismail Deniz
Concept and direction: Frank Heuel
Costume: Annika Ley

Frank Heuel and Ismail Deniz are soccer enthusiastic theater people. Now they have developed a workshop for children on the topic of fairness for the Kulturrucksack 2016: a training session that promises a lot of fun!

Playing soccer is fun – sure. But when things don’t go so well and frustration sets in, fairness and team spirit suddenly don’t come so easily. It doesn’t matter what the score is, which referee is bothering you or whether the penalty was just missed – behaving in such a way that you still get along well after the final whistle is something that has to be learned.

For the Kulturrucksack, Frank Heuel and Ismail Deniz (both of them quite enthusiastic about soccer) are whistling for a special kind of soccer training: referee Ismail comes to the club or to the physical education class and then there`s theater. Soccer theater in the dressing room and on the sports field. It’s about fairness, respect, tolerance and team spirit, about winning and losing. Playful rehearsals for emergencies that are also fun!

A production of the fringe ensemble in cooperation with the Katholisches Bildungswerk Bonn.