A performance by and with Annika Ley
Music and sound Ömer Sarıgedik

20. September 2019 // theaterimballsaal Bonn
Further presentation
September 21, 2019

The forests, the seas, the reality rustle. Surging, dissolving, flickering. Crumbling, disintegrating, shattering. Capturing eyes, ears and body. It’s hard to describe this noise. Unless you ask physics: It understands a disturbance with a broad non-specific frequency spectrum, which can be interpreted as a superposition of many harmonic oscillations or waves with different amplitude and frequency or wavelength.

Stage designer and video artist Annika Ley experiments with an exclusively sensual approach to this phenomenon in VORRAUSCHEN – as a kind of preliminary study for the fringe ensemble production RAUSCHEN, which will premiere in November.

Ley’s stage designs have recently been described as a “visual marvel of moving images,” a “wondrous kaleidoscope,” she “shone with an eye for the big picture that she can playfully take apart and put back together.” She is not infrequently asked how these stage sets are created. Together with the musician Ömer Sarıgedik, she now invites the audience into a walk-in and performative installation, thus also providing insights into her working method.