in cooperation with Dirty Deal Teatro, Riga/Latvia and Balat Monologlar Müzesi, Istanbul/Turkey

Artistic direction Frank Heuel, Annika Ley
Director Frank Heuel
Video, digital conception and realization Annika Ley
Dramaturgy Harald Redmer
Authors Lothar Kittstein, Ivo Briedis, Sami Özbudak
Performers Başak Kıvılcım Ertanoğlu, David Fischer, Barış Gönenen, Gerog Lennarz, Elīna Matvejeva, Jurģis Spulenieks

Try-Out Bonn / Istanbul
Fri 06. November 2020
Try-Out Bonn / Riga
Sat 07. November 2020

What’s going on out there, on our doorsteps? How has our life changed in the last three quarters of a year in urban space? What is the climate between people? And how does public life in Bonn currently differ from that in other cities and countries?

In the project OUTSIDE OUR DOORS we cooperate with colleagues in Latvia and Turkey. The focus of the research project, with public try-outs in Bonn, Riga and Istanbul, is on the common view of our changing world, simultaneously directed at different locations. We seem to be brought into line by the one trigger that affects the whole world. And yet the effects – in all areas of life and experience – will be different.

The fringe ensemble and the colleagues in Riga and Istanbul go out as observers with a live cam, performers, as someone who intervenes, stages actions, seeks conversations. The authors Lothar Kittstein, Ivo Briedis and Sami Özbudak, connected via digital technology, will write texts to the straight images that are created. An exciting experimental set-up that you can witness in the theater in the ballroom: Here, the transmission of the live action is controlled. They experience this process as well as the author Lothar Kittstein and the interaction with a performer in the hall – on the first evening connected with the colleagues in Istanbul, on the second with those in Riga.

Supported by the NRW State Office for the Liberal Performing Arts