A trip through the night

A production of the fringe ensemble

By and with: Justine Hauer and Bettina Marugg
Music and video: Andreas Meidinger
Room: Annika Ley
Dramaturgy: Svenja Pauka

Dates: December 15/16/17, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. in the theaterimballsaal.

For some spectators, the NIGHTHAWKS are already a cult event. Bettina Marugg and Justine Hauer hit the vibrant, somber and somnambulistic nerve of the night with their equally quirky and profound evening. With the Christmas edition of the vodka-soaked and coffee-soaked evening, they now let the baubles on the tree shine in a new light – licentious, sentimental and sly.

Over a last drink or two with Arthur Rimbaud, Friederike Mayröcker, Jacques Brel and other specialists in the darkest hours of the day, they flow from their barstools down into abysses that fascinate us and sometimes make us shiver.

Two women, vodka, cigarettes – that’s all it took for an entertaining and exciting evening at the Theater im Ballsaal, which took the audience on a journey through the abysses of the human soul. […] In the process, they inspire not only with their acting talent, but above all with their sense of timing and comedy. […] Both actresses complement each other wonderfully the whole evening, their fun in the play is literally to feel. Not surprisingly, the audience rewarded the varied evening with thunderous applause. (kultur-in-bonn.de)

The piano in the anteroom was perfect. A bit quirky in mood. And what they did to it. Four-handed Schubert with two fingers and two-handed doubled with Cole Porter and “Die Nacht” by Richard Strauss, at the already advanced hour, with a squeaky soprano. They could take for granted that everyone knew they were good for highlights, singing-wise, on the fringe stage. (Bonner Rundschau)

A production of Nighthawks GbR/fringe ensemble. Sponsored by: Federal City of Bonn and Minister President of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.