A production of the fringe ensemble

With Justine Hauer, Nicole Kersten, Andreas Meidinger
Production Andreas Meidinger
Stage and costumes Annika Ley

Premiere September 24, 2015, theaterimballsaal, Bonn

What fits better at the end of the year and in anticipation of the coming one than a piece with the title GLÜCK. This Friday and Saturday, Justine Hauer, Nicole Kersten and Andreas Meidinger promise encounters with fortune hunters, seekers and addicts.

You are promised it or it falls to you, you chase it or it lies unrecognized in front of you, you have it in play or in love, you can’t build on it and sometimes it takes forever to come. Happiness, by its very nature unreliable and fleeting and yet coveted, occupies gamblers as well as philosophers, skeptics as well as optimists, those spoiled by success as well as those unlucky, men as well as women, in short, all of us human beings. And now the fringe ensemble, too, dedicating an entire evening to this wonderful longing motif, this great feeling, this exhausting life goal, this often life-saving something.
For this, Annika Ley designs a spatial stage that puts you right in the middle of the action. Director and actor Andreas Meidinger, together with his acting colleagues Justine Hauer and Nicole Kersten, create encounters with those who are pursued by happiness, obsessed, abandoned.

A production by Glück GbR/fringe ensemble. Sponsored by: Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Federal City of Bonn.