By Lothar Kittstein

Finally back on the schedule in April at the theaterimballsaal in Bonn: the suspenseful play about hidden longings and fears, about closeness and distance between two women – a duel, an encounter, a farewell.

With: Bettina Marugg, Laila Nielsen
Director: Frank Heuel
Stage: Eduardo Serú
Assistant Director: Svenja Pauka

World premiere: Wed March 21, 2007 // 8 p.m. theaterimballsaal, Bonn

“Normally, I would have gotten up, gotten ready and gone to work.”
Lothar Kittstein’s play begins with these words, which lull the viewer into the security of a normal everyday life. But this security does not last long.
For the events and occurrences described by the two women take on a strange life of their own. And while the viewer tries to bring the events into a logical context, greedily waiting for one or the other clue, the threads of the story lead sometimes on clearer tracks and sometimes into impenetrable depths. What connects these two women? What happened on that day that started with this “normally”? How do all those snails get on the driveway? And who dropped the glowing cigarette butt in front of the lattice gate?

With LETZTE TAGE the audience can expect a play about hidden longings and fears, about the truth and what lies behind the truth. Lothar Kittstein plays with realities and develops an exciting scenario of possibilities.

A production of Letzte Tage GbR/fringe ensemble. Sponsored by: Federal City of Bonn, Minister President of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Matrong Cultural Foundation.