by Mary MacLane

With Franziska Benz, Philine Bührer, Nermina Kukic
Setting and scenic arrangement Philine Bührer
Room Annika Ley

Performance date
Sat Sept. 11, 2021, 8 p.m., Theater im Ballsaal, tickets are available via




American writer Mary MacLane (1881-1929) would be perfect on social media these days; she’d probably be an Instagram star. MacLane was completely unknown in 1902 when her first book, I Await the Coming of the Devil, was published. But the work, written in the style of a diary, attracted great attention and made its author famous overnight. Her name became the epitome of rebellious young women.

Even more than 100 years later, the matter-of-factness with which Mary MacLane breaks all conventions exerts a great fascination. Franziska Benz, Philine Bührer, and Nermina Kukic read from this remarkable book and place the dazzling figure of Mary MacLane in a contemporary context.