An interactive search game

A project by fringe ensemble and Theater Bonn

With David Fischer, Lena Geyer, Justine Hauer, Timo Kählert, Bettina Marugg, Andreas Meidinger

Artistic direction Frank Heuel, Annika Ley

Dramaturgy Claudia Grönemeyer

Assistance Jennifer Merten

Organization Larissa Blumenauer

Public Relations Michaela Predeick, Claudia Grönemeyer

One time on 01 June 2019 in Bonn

To participate in the interactive game, please download the Scavengerhunt app and log in to GOLDEN CITY there.

Last year, the Bonn fringe ensemble realized a project in Burkina Faso with the Espace Culturel Gambidi about the fascination and power of gold. Now we are getting to the bottom of the meaning of the magical precious metal in Bonn: GOLDEN CITY, an interactive, app-controlled search game, kicks off the research for a co-production by fringe ensemble and Theater Bonn. You can participate alone or in teams. There are almost no limits to your creativity and strategic talent when solving the tricky, quirky and shrewd tasks.

On Bottlerplatz our GOLDEN-CITY-Mobile shines, a kind of story vault around gold! Bring your very own gold story and the mobile will grant you access to its secret interior – even if you don’t take part in the search game! In addition, a multimedia exhibition there provides insights into the making of BRILLANTE SALETÉ.

The winners of the “Gold Hunt”, who will be announced in the evening after the performance in the workshop, can expect in the upcoming season 2019/20 exclusive prices, like a coffee klatsch and A look behind the scenes with the theater director Jens Groß and the director of the fringe ensemble Frank Heuel, a Rehearsal visit or a guest appearance in the Bonn Gold play LIEBER GOLD IM MUND ALS PORZELLAN IM SAFE (premiering Dec. 19, 2019).

GOLDEN CITY one-time on 01 June 2019