The M.F.T. in Münster
a project by fringe ensemble/phoenix5

With: Maciek Brzoska, David Fischer, Justine Hauer, Bettina Marugg, Lale Yavas, Andreas Meidinger, Laila Nielsen, Ismail Deniz
Authors: Ivo Briedis (LV), Kristín Eiríksdóttir (IS), Alexander Molchanov (RU).
Music: Peter Böving
Artistic direction: Frank Heuel
Equipment: Annika Ley, Lisa Schiller-Witzmann
Dramaturgy: René Reinhardt

Aaseewiese at the Möwenpick, Münster

After the battle is before the battle. After the MILLENNIUM FRONT THEATER ‘s performance in Bonn, it is now setting up camp in Münster.

The Millennium Front Theater (M.F.T.) has reached Münster. The Theater im Pumpenhaus succeeded in bringing the ensemble to Münster at the Aasee after its performances in Leipzig and Bonn. The M.F.T. sets up camp at the historic site where the besieger Prince-Bishop Christoph Bernhard von Galen cut off Münster’s water supply by breaking earthen walls and forced the city to surrender. Here, on the Aaseewiese at Möwenpick, the ensemble members of M.F.T. and the authors they have invited from various countries will engage in text battles. Until 05 October, these can be seen in a total of 5 performances under the title “Völkerschlachten NRW”.

Battles of Nations NRW or after the battle is before the battle
For two weeks, authors and actors as well as the M.F.T.’s directing and set design team live and work together, developing texts and performances. Each performance is a premiere and at the same time the derniere. It will no longer exist like that, it is the result of that day and will evolve from there.

How can one imagine such a front operation?
In short: writing, rehearsing, performing in record time. Authors from across Europe are invited to write about current battles in their society and culture. The text created on site is translated in the shortest possible time, rehearsed by the ensemble and presented to the audience on the evening. There are no limits to the forms of text or theater: whether farce or tragedy, monologue or chorus, songs or readings, performance or installation – everything that text and theater can do, the audience can experience here very close, very pure and in a unique setting.

Every evening will be surprisingly and unpredictably different. No pause for battle, theater is made – that’s the battle cry two weeks at the Aasee in Münster.

The history of the Millennium Front Theater
For as long as there have been wars, there has also been the Millennium Front Theater. Countless legends entwine around its creation. “M.F.T. needs the front, just as theater needs the fronts of life,” explains artistic director Frank Heuel. As a traveling people of the battles, they have been traveling the war theaters of this world for many generations, playing to soldiers and civilians of all sides. It finds its material on and between the front lines, tells of the forgotten and unknown of the small and large battles of the nations. Active on all fronts of the world, the M.F.T. invited itself authors from the beginning. So it is said that also Seneca, Sophocles, Euripides, Anouilh, Kleist, Schiller, Shakespeare, Brecht were guests of the M.F.T., to report on the spot about what is driving people apart.

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