by fringe ensemble and THEATER BONN

Generation Internship: This term has been encountered at every turn for months. The horror scenario of a generation of young academics who shimmy from internship to internship after graduation, are exploited by companies and have little chance of ever entering a permanent employment relationship, is projected.

With: Justine Hauer, Maria Munkert, Laila Nielsen, David Fischer, Arne Lenk, Raphael Rubino
Director: Frank Heuel
Stage: Ansgar Baradoy
Costumes: Annika Ley
Music/Video: Gregor Schwellenbach

Is that so? Or is the internship generation rather a generation of inheritance, as the press has recently begun to proclaim? How do students today see their future, how burdened is an entire generation by pessimistic forecasts? GENERATION P explores all of these questions based on interviews conducted with students across Germany.

A semi-documentary theater project on the situation of a generation.