True stories from Bonn

With: Nicole Kersten and Andreas Meidinger
Text and interviews: Lothar Kittstein
Director: Frank Heuel
Room: Eduardo Seru

A prostitute is waiting for customers in her condominium. A homeless man waits in the underpass at the train station for the night to end. A bodybuilder stands on the stage and awaits the jury’s verdict. Three true stories from Bonn – three fundamentally different life plans, from which a theatrical mosaic of human longings, fears and obsessions emerges. Always in their focus: the human body, its inexhaustible urge to pleasure, to performance and to suffering, its fragility and astonishing resistance. A passion story between pain and redemption.

Nicole Kersten and Andreas Meidinger present the relentlessly honest and touchingly open life stories with great directness and lightness and let the cosmos of the body shine in the field of tension of its current possibilities and appropriations.

production of the fringe ensemble in co-production with the Katholisches Bildungswerk Bonn.