A multi-generational theater project by Oleg Zhukov and Andreas Meidinger

With Uri Eiger, Karla M. Götze, Jörg Hornbostel, Jochen Meyn, Ulrich Mercker, Ellen Redeker, Beni, Maimuna, Sinja

Room Oleg Zhukov

Music Andreas Meidinger

Technique Eduardo Serú

Production Management and Assistance Jennifer Merten

15. June 2019, Hansa House, Bad-Godesberg

Further performances
16. June 2019, Hansa House, Bad-Godesberg

A theater project with over-sixties and under-twenties

Our future is at stake! The oceans are swallowing up larger parts of Europe. Millions of people have to be resettled. The North and South Poles are going crazy. Robots are taking over our jobs. The oceans are full of plastic particles, insect diversity has dropped by 70 percent and eventually the sun will explode! – Eerie!

But we are not going to let our future be taken away from us and we are putting the game, the creative against these scenarios. We bring the world that surrounds us into our theatrical space in the form of subjective stories, collective memories, and imagined futures of participants of different ages. With “Uncanny” we open a dialogue between generations about nothing less than the state of the world. We are drifting between utopia and dystopia. We face the fears, name the scary. It hovers over us, we drag it onto the stage, put it in a costume, spin a plot and let it speak for us. Curtain up, lights on, it’s only theater.