Live Writing Performance

fringe ensemble in co-production with Two Two Production Istanbul

Live Writers Lothar Kittstein, Ahmet Sami Özbudak
With Tuğçe Şahin, Başak Kıvılcım Ertanoğlu, Hicran Demir, David Fischer, Manuel Klein, Kutay Kunt, Bettina Marugg, Andreas Meidinger, Laila Nielsen
Artistic direction Frank Heuel, Annika Ley
Director Frank Heuel
Stage, Costumes, Video Annika Ley
Translation Dilan Akter, Aytuğ Erdil
Music Ömer Sarıgedik
Assistance: Jennifer Merten
Production Management Svenja Pauka
Press and Public Relations Claudia Grönemeyer

September 12, 2019 // FFT Düsseldorf

Further performances
September 13, 14, 2019 // theaterimballsaal, Bonn

Borders separate, stop, exclude, enclose. Boundaries provide security, create orientation, lead to conflicts. Borders make it possible to leave something behind, to enter new territory. Boundaries are to be respected, want to be overcome. Border crossings are possible in all areas of life. As a crossing from one country to another, they are now unavoidable for more and more people to save their existence. On the other hand, for the cosmopolitan, the modern nomad, they form an almost natural occurrence.

In BORDER OFF BORDER we explore the theme of crossing the border between these poles. For this we work in a binational, German-Turkish team of authors, actors, a musician and a video artist. The result is a performance that literally continues in its course:

The authors Lothar Kittstein (DE) and Sami Özbudak (TR) develop texts live during the performance, which are simultaneously translated and performed. BORDER OFF BORDER plays with blurring boundaries between sophisticated multilingualism and spontaneous interaction, staging and improvisation, installation and progressive spatial development.

Sponsored as an anniversary project by the Kunststiftung NRW.

Photo: Nelio Filipe,

Rehearsal and performance photos from Bonn _ September 2019

Rehearsal photos from Istanbul _ end of August 2019