Under the title GOLD, the production in German-Burkinese co-production will now be shown in Burkina Faso.

Director (DE / BF) Frank Heuel / Collectif Qu’on sonne & Voix-ailes
Production Design, Costumes / Film (DE) Camera and Editing Sirpa Wilner
Actors / Film (DE) Manuel Klein, Andreas Meidinger, Laila Nielsen, Sören Wunderlich, Oleg Zhukov
Actors / Performance (BF) Eléonore Kocty, Kibsa Anthony Ouédraogo, Abdelaziz Bérenger Yaméogo, Christian Léger Dah
Music (BF) Patinda David Zoungrana
Assistant Director (BF) Sié Palenfo
Technology, Sound, Light (BF) Mohamadi Gouem

Performances in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

12, 13 March 2021, Espace Culturel Gambidi
20, 21 March 2021, Théâtre Soleil
26, 27 March 2021, Théâtre de l’Aube
March 28, 2021, Pantaabo
01, 02 April 2021, L’Espace Grâce théâtre

In December 2019, the production “Lieber Gold im Mund als Porzellan im Safe, a cooperation with Theater Bonn, premiered at the Werkstattbühne in Bonn. In 2020, the play should travel to Burina Faso for guest performances. After it was foreseeable that this would be impossible for a long time, Frank Heuel and the team decided to film a large part of the scenes in order to make this material available to the Collectif Qu’on sonne & Voix-ailes in Burkina Faso to develop their own version of the evening. In it, film scenes are now mixed with live performance.

In this way it is possible to complete the two-part project, which is funded by the Fonds Doppelpass of the kulturstiftung des Bundes. The first part, had been developed in 2018 under the title “Brillante Saleté” in Burkina Faso and traveled through Germany in 2019 after performances in Ouagadougou. It focused on artisanal gold mining in the wild mines and its dramatic consequences for the land and its people.

The second part of the project focuses on the fascination of gold. In cultures all over the world, gold is part of creation stories, myths and fairy tales. Having literally rained down on our planet through a collision of stars ages ago, it continues to exert a magical fascination on us humans to this day: The imperishable gold, which eludes the cycle of becoming, being and passing away, triggers gold rushes and wars, is counterfeited and imitated. And if we manage to bring it to the light of day, we often get it back underground as quickly as possible, into the big vaults of the banks. On the one hand, its possession promises security in uncertain times, power and influence. On the other hand, it provokes greed, avarice and envy, because it is limited and cannot be produced artificially. Gold has become a global multiplayer due to its special properties, played and still plays influential roles in economy, society, art, religion, science and politics.