2012 – DE / PL

NL für HP

Niemands Land / Ziemia niczyja

Lothar Kittstein, Julia Holewińska
A bi-national relationship somewhere between a sex chat and marriage stupidity, two women in the footsteps of their past and future, an old Nazi henchman and a young victim of persecution are the German-Polish encounters in NIEMANDS LAND / ZIEMIA NICZYJA. In the middle of this, a young girl is caught up in her own fantasy world.

One of the currently hottest young writers in Poland, Julia Holewińska, and the Bonn playwright, Lothar Kittstein, have co-written a German-Polish play for the fringe ensemble. It is played by German and Polish actors in Germany and Poland. Just as ambiguous as the project are the characters that still have a second self.

A production of fringe ensemble/phoenix5 and Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw in co-production with Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster und Theater im Ballsaal, Bonn

2011 – DE / LV / NL / DK


Lothar Kittstein, Ivo Briedis, Andreas Vonder, Jens-Martin Eriksen
FINLAND (2011) developed as an innovative experiment: During one working session, four authors from four countries were introduced to a true family story. On the basis of this story each had the task to write a 20 min. long play. The authors agreed on which character to focus on in each play. In addition, titles were named. This was and remained the only meeting, the only personal exchange between the authors until the premiere of FINLAND.

After handing in their texts translated and at an appointed date, rehearsals started and Frank Heuel experimented with different dramaturgies within the four texts. The final conclusion was that each work demands its own space with its own distinct theatrical language. The result of this experiment is a theater night, in which multi-perspectivity plays a large role – and the concept worked.

Press review
Heuel presents the four drama texts one after the other, effecting an elaborate introduction into the events, applying quasi-cinematic techniques to the scenes. The result is an equally haunting and an innovative theater night. Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

Objectively unspectacular, but dramatically on a level that doesn’t simply go under the skin, but currently the best of the independent scene in North-Rhine-Westphalia. kultur

The result is a fascinating mounting and dismounting at the same time […] Disturbing and sometimes absurd comedy […] There are no winners this evening, apart from the audience. General-Anzeiger Bonn

2006 – DE / LV


Anton Tschechow

The production community fringe ensemble and phoenix 5 have developed after “Fiction impossible” their second German-Latvian cooperation. This time their partner is the Valmieras Dramas Teatris. An international ensemble – an attempt to rapprochement. A ritual of remembrance. “Kirschgarten.2006”.

Press review

This Kirschgarten is a highlight at this country project “szene: estonia, latvia, lithuania, in nrw”.  – General-Anzeiger Bonn

The cooperation of the fringe ensemle with Latvian actors who were almost exclusively used to straight theatre in the Stanislavsky tradition, is the proof of what potential such projects have. Tschehow’s text sounds like a great poem, the bilingualism creates a unique musicality. The conflict emerges clearly in a light and playful, but never in a meaningless playful aesthetic. Director Frank Heuel creates in a small space overwhelming images: the samovars steams, the ensemble dances, and the moon rises. And all live on. – Frankfurter Rundschau


2004 – DE / LV

Fiction impossible

Frank Heuel / Ivo Briedis

Three independent theatres have made the show „Fiction impossible”: United Intimacy from Latvia; fringe ensemble and phoenix5 from Germany. 2005 the show has been the first international collaboration project of independent theatres in Latvia.

“Fiction impossible” based on an open dramaturgical material, which has been developed by the playwright Ivo Briedis and the german director Frank Heuel. The show took shape from improvisations and impulses generated by the crew during the rehearsal process. Latvian and German languages was used in the show.

Press review

The half cannot be understood. Except if one is Latvian. But then you wouldn’t understand the other half because German is spoken. Possibly there is nothing to understand. This is how one can understand it. This sounds paradoxical, but funny enough it works…. – Münstersche Zeitung

Director Frank Heuel shows his view of different worlds of imagination, the power of illusion in impressive pictures. – Westfälische Nachrichten


2004 – CH / DE

Klima CH-D

Frank Heuel

The Basel director Jordy Haderek and Frank Heuel have developed with Klima CH-D an evening about the surprisingly controversial relations between Swiss and Germans and their national and own images.

Press review

The 90 minute set displays the groups’ research, the team leader interrupts and comments ironically in “airport english”  the scenes and reports on the difficulties of such climatic rapprochement – a rather clever confusion about the one and the other. – Tagesanzeiger

2003 – DE / NL

Der Sprechhund

Andreas Vonder

Five actors meet in a studio to synchronize the film Grüne Tulpen. The big emotions of the film collide with the small emotions of everyday life, biographical with fiction and reality with illusion.

Press review

Vonder and Heuel have already proved in previous cooperations such as Modus and www.hotel.e  that they are specialists for the play in a play. With Sprechhund they have delivered a masterpiece, which gives the actors a lot of space for development. – Münstersche Zeitung


2001 – DE / NL


Andreas Vonder / Frank Heuel

For this production the fringe ensemble involved for the first time the Dutch author Andreas Vonder, who developed the text of the play during rehearsals. Hotel e shows the loneliness of modern urban people in the public and the search of the individual for a home. The starting point was the public space in the work of American artist Edward Hopper.

Press review

For this helplessness of communication Andreas Vonder along with the six actors found the perfect language. Paradoxically, multi-lingual: English, German, Dutch. Between scenic miniatures, story rags, dialogue chunks and monologue attempts, one can feel the desperate search of home and security. – Westfälische Nachrichten

… the beautiful and successful attempt to once again re-invent theatre. – Westfälische Rundschau