Die deutsche Bühne The fringe ensemble is one of the very rare examples of a free repertory theatre. 

StadtRevue – Das Kölnmagazin In the best sense anti-psychological theatre, maintaining a loving and ironic distance from its characters, a mischievous charm that emphasizes the playfulness in theatre plays; the accuracy, intensity and density of a well-rehearsed ensemble.

General-Anzeiger Bonn Frank Heuel makes the material a highly rhythmic dance between clones and chatting, hesitation and trepidation.

Westfälischer Anzeiger Frank Heuel succeeds in lightweight situations, which tell of the peculiarities of the people, without needing a story.

taz. die tageszeitung Being close to life can also be political. This is shown in its best sense by the drama group, the fringe ensemble.

Münstersche Zeitung What you see, will not really coincide with what you hear. But that’s theatre; even excellent in this case.

Frankfurter Rundschau The cooperation of the fringe ensemble with Latvian actors who were almost exclusively used to straight theatre in the Stanislavsky tradition, is the proof of what potential such projects have. Frank Heuel creates within a small space repeatedly stunning images.

taz. die tageszeitung A production that catapults with force the dusty classics into the modern world of director’s theatre. An evening of inventive directing and acting techniques – in spite of its sensuality it rather appeals to the intellect.

Münstersche Zeitung The performance becomes a presentation, the play a demonstration of a reality that doesn’t know how to approach the ideal anymore, except by parody – a masterpiece of modern director’s theatre.

Bonner Rundschau Sharper, literary texts cannot be brought more exactly to the stage than by Heuel. The fringe ensemble has excellent speakers for this voice directing.