* 1960
Frank Heuel is the artistic director of the fringe ensemble. His productions are invited to numerous festivals. Some were developed abroad. He has staged in Latvia, the Netherlands Switzerland, Poland, Ghana and Turkey.

Theater Heute nominated Frank Heuel for “Best Young German Director “ in 2002. He was artistic director of the festivals “Theaterzwang 2002” and “Friends 2004”. In 2006, he was awarded the NRW Prize for the play “Geschichten+” (Stories+).

From 2007 to 2009, he was the artistic director of the “Club der Utopisten” at City Theater of Bonn (Theater Bonn), as well as for “Deutsche Revolutionen” (German Revolutions) in 2010 and “Wirklichkeitstest” (Reality Test) in 2011.

The debut performance of Wolfgang Koeppen’s “Das Treibhaus” in 2008 originated under his direction at the City Theater of Bonn (Theater Bonn) and, the debut performance of “Zwei Welten” (Two Worlds), which was invited to the Festival NRW Theatertreffen 2010.

Some works abroad: “Fiction Impossible“ in Latvia, ”Kirschgarten.2006” (The Cherry Orchard.2006) in The Netherlands and “Niemands Land/Ziemia Niczyja” (No One’s Land/Ziemia Niczyja) in Poland, „Black Water“ (2016, Cape Coast) in Ghana, „Lost in Language“ (2016, Istanbul) in Turkey, el al.

Recent production include: “Finnland” (Finland; Briedis, Eriksen, Kittstein, Vonder), “Der Teufel” (The Devil; Dostojewski), both together with fringe ensemble. “Ein 29. Februar” (A 29th Febuary) and “Die Spieler” (The Player; both Dostojewski) with the SchauEnsemble, Leipzig, “Niemands Land/Ziemia Niczyja” (No One’s Land/Ziemia Niczyja; Holewinska, Kittstein) with Teatr Powszechny/fringe ensemble and “Vor den Hunden” (Before the Dogs; authors from 9 european countries) with Schaubühne Lindenfels/fringe ensemble, „Macbeth over Europe“ (international production with 6 european playwrights) 2015/16. „4Projects Istanbul“ 2016/17

In 2016 – 17 fellowship in the program „artists-in-residence Istanbul“ from the Kunststiftung NRW.